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Our Most Advanced Moving Coil Cartridge
For Unparalleled Performance
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Goldring Ethos Moving Coil Cartridge
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Ultimate Versatility

Moving Magnet Cartridges

Our E Series moving magnet cartridges are designed to offer a premium performance at an affordable price, whereas our hand-crafted 1000 Series cartridges are individually tested & adjusted for a far superior audio experience. Both ranges feature a hierarchy of user-replaceable diamond stylus profiles to complement your chosen performance level.

Goldring E3
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Elite Performance

Moving Coil Cartridges

For the highest accuracy and most detailed listening experience we offer a selection of excellent moving coil cartridge designs. With the lowest moving mass and most advanced diamond profiles, Goldring’s innovative, hand-made MC cartridges offer the best performance for the most discerning listeners.

Moving Coil Cartridges

100 Years of Excellence

The Goldring brand has been synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability throughout the long history of the gramophone record.

Cartridge Exchange

For loyal Goldring customers who own an out-of-warranty Moving Coil cartridge with a worn stylus, we offer an exchange service.

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